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Rethink Tuna!

Red Samurai offers Bigeye tuna as well as Yellowfin Tuna that is MSC certified and Ocean Wise recommended

Why Red Samurai Tuna?

Consistent Quality

that maintains the fresh caught product attributes

Consistent Source

of supply

100% Yield

No waste

All Natural

with no additives preservatives or artificial colours

Responsibly Sourced

MSC Certified and Ocean Wise recommended Yellowfin Tuna

Food Safety

ULT process kills harmful parasites

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Rethink Tuna

Export Packers introduces Red Samurai Tuna! We start with the best quality freshly caught Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna. The fish is then gilled, gutted and placed into the super freezer on the vessel within one hour of being caught.

The tuna is frozen to a core temperature of -60 ºC, using Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) technology. At this temperature, all cellular activity stops, halting any natural decomposition of the fish and essentially stopping time. The ULT process also kills any harmful parasites that are commonly present in fresh tuna.

At our Brampton facility, we use proprietary Japanese ULT Revival equipment that restores the just caught properties of the tuna. The freshness, texture and colour of the tuna will be the same as when it was first caught.


Detailed Handling Instructions

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) is proprietary technology that stops all cellular activity. The freshness, texture and colour of the fresh caught tuna are preserved. So, your tuna will be fresher than the product that is shipped “fresh” from across the world.